Radio Taxi 919

Cracow Taxi Corporation is a company with many years of experience. The company specializes in passenger and cargo  transport. We have prepared a rich offer, which will help you to use our services in a faster and more comfortable way.

Radio Taxi 919 will come at your call at any time of a day or night!

Our offer:

– initial charge for all tariffs 7,00 zł
– stopover charge for 1 hour for all tariffs 38,00 zł
– tariff 1 ( 1 km from Monday to Saturday, from  6.00  to 22.00) 2,50 zł
– tariff 2 (1 km from 22.00 to 6.00 as well as on Sundays and festivals) 3,50 zł


– tariff  3 (1 km, Monday to Saturday from  6.00  to 22.00) 5,00
– tariff 4 (1 km, from 22.00 to 6.00 as well as on Sundays and festivals) 7,00

We offer cooperation on the field of cashless passenger transport. For our clients we issue special customer cards for cashless settlements.

At the same time, there is a possibility of using one-time non-cash settlements, such as eVouchers.

As a part of a nationwide system of Taxi360, our clients can use taxis in other major Polish cities.


For our customers, we have prepared an offer for transfers on popular routes, which can be bought in advance:

  • Cracow – Cracow Balice Airport
  • Cracow- Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Cracow- Auschwitz Museum in Oswiecim


Our company offers group transport by buses. We accept orders for tourist passenger transport, transfers to various events and transfers for employees or students to cinemas or theaters. We provide transportation all over Poland and abroad.

The buses can accommodate from 18 to 50 people. You can find out more about our group transfers as well as about other services by contacting our office directly or over the phone.

To provide a comprehensive range of services to our customers, we offer transport of packages and documents as well as the delivery of shopping.

Below you can find our offer on our Radio Taxi 919 cargo transport. We provide cheap transport in the city of Cracow and surrounding areas.

Price list – cargo transport

For the first hour of hiring a taxi, the client pays 60 zł; for each subsequent one- 50 zł. If the service includes a trip outside of Cracow, we add 2 zł per kilometer (the price is negotiable). For services realized on Sundays, holidays and at night the price is 50% higher. The provided prices  are net prices.

The rules for hiring taxis for cargo transport

For every started hour of work, the driver has the right to charge the amount of 30 zł;  if the customer decides to cancel the booking – 20 zł. If the service includes a trip outside of Cracow and a longer stopover, the driver may charge 30 zl for each hour of the stopover. The customer can choose a taxi at their own discretion; there are – among others- Mercedes and Iveco cars in our offer.

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Radio Taxi 919
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